Welcome to my beloved personal music collection.

Throughout the years, I got so many emotions from all music that I listen. So why not to share it with the world ?

It is so big and diverse that I had to find ways to keep it comprehensive and easy to browse. Not just for me who knows the collection, but also to my family and close friends, with whom we exchange music that we love.

Some notable and unique features of the Digital K7 collection:

  • The collection is carefully tagged with MusicBrainz so each and every file has a database reference to the album, artist, composer, work etc, if the information is available on MusicBrainz database.
  • Files are in high quality (minimum 128kbps, average of 160 to 192kbps but also 320kbps and lossless) ready for portable music players, specially Apple devices. Chosen formats are MP3, M4A AAC and M4A ALAC (lossless, M4A files with bigger sizes, see example) for maximum compatibility. When music comes to me in lossless FLAC format, I use to convert it to ALAC in a lossless way using FFMPEG.
  • Big majority of files have embedded album covers so they also look nice in any player, specially the portable ones but also XBMC and others.
  • Multidisc albums are correctly organized in parts with disc names with player-friendly tags, thanks to MusicBrainz’s Picard tagger (see example).
  • Many album or artists pages on Digital K7 have comments about what is special in that music. At the end of some artist/album pages there is also a related section where I point you to other music similar or somehow related to the current one (see example).
  • Artist albums are sorted by chronological release date so we can understand how his/her art evolved (see example).
  • File and directory names carefully contain most information possible about the music and match the file’s metadata (tags) so musicologists can easily see who is the conductor and soloist in a classical piece (see title on this example).
  • File and directory names are fully compatible with all operating systems and overcome known limitations of Windows OS. Also, Unicode is extensively used to increase file name readability (see example).
  • Files contain consistent genre tags according to my listening habits. They are consistent but may not match your habits. Feel free to change it to your taste.
  • Digital K7 is ready for you to share too. Use the options menu on each file (red arrow) to highlight it and then share the link.

So stop reading and start browsing it! Find the music that you love and incorporate it to your own collection.

Also please share the love and go to your favorite artists shows.