Since 2014-07-02, Digital K7 does not allow external sites to link directly to media. This means that to put a link on another site to…/somefolder/somefile.mp3 will not cause the file to be downloaded. Instead, the user will be redirected to…/somefolder/ and somefile.mp3 will be highlighted. Massive and recursive downloads are still supported as long as you provide the referer or simply follow the optimal instructions on this page.

You can simply click on a file to have it downloaded, but we know this is not optimal.

Digital K7 is heavily structured in folders and I suppose you want to keep that organization and structure while you grab the files. This is not a straight forward task, but I’ll show you how, on Linux, Mac and Windows.

This is the most powerful method of copying content from Digital K7 because it is simple and recursive. The final result will be a directory structure identical to what you see on Digital K7.

Use wget command to mirror the part of Digital K7 that you want. Mirroring Digital K7 means to download its files. For example, to download the entire Bach discography on Digital K7:

wget -m --restrict-file-names=nocontrol --user-agent="direct download -- `uname -a`" --no-parent --referer= ""

This will create in your computer the same directory structure you can see under Bach folder and will put all related files on their locations. Change the URL on the example above (in red) to the Digital K7 URL you want to download.

Download the wget command for Windows from here. It is one executable file that you can put anywhere to use.

To install wget on Mac, use this guide with MacPorts.

Standard Linux installations already provide the wget command. It is already there, just go to the command line and use it.

Although graphical, this is not as powerful and easy as the wget method above.

Use Firefox browser with the DownThemAll extension.

Once installed on your Firefox browser, just go to the page on Digital K7 where you want to download the files, right click and select DownThemAll. A dialog appears listing all media found on page. Select a folder in your computer to receive the files and start the process.

This method is graphical and easy to use but only files on current page will be downloaded. To download an entire discography, as organized in sub folders on Digital K7, you will need to manually fire DownThemAll on each page.

Windows apparently has the HTTrack tool to mirror a website.

And for Mac, SiteSucker apparently does the job.

These methods are similar to the wget method above but wget is much simpler to install and to use. It just lacks a graphical interface.