In the late 1980s the Windham Hill label was at its commercial peak and "Windham Hill Sampler '88" (11 tracks; 46 min.) is a straight reissue of the vinyl album. Schonherz and Scott kick things off with the gentle "Wishing Well", which is followed by a piano-solo piece from W.A. Mathieu. After that this sampler starts sounding like a greatest hits album: Shadowfax's "Road to Hanna" (from their fantastic "Too Far To Whisper" album), Scott Cossu's "Angels Steps" (from his equally fantastic "She Describes Infinity" album), Michael Hedges' "Because It's There" (from his perhaps career-defining "Live From the Double Planet" album), Montreux's "To Be" (from their great "Sign Language" album), Belgian minimalist Wim Mertens' "Close Cover" (from his first US release after many more previous releases in Europe), and of course Will Ackerman's "Climbing in Geometry" (from "Conferring With the Moon", his finest album in my opinion).

No doubt about it, this is a fantastic collection and if you have a chance to find the other sampler discs from this decade, do yourself a favor and get them while you can. The proof is in the pudding, this music remains fantastic to this day and has stood the test of time. Highly recommended!