Recorded within the mainstream jazz confines of New York City, Joyce drifts in and out of overly-lush modern jazz terrain. Opening with the dreamy deleria of "Caymmis," she shifts into a stronger scat style, bopping away on the English-language "Taxi Driver," which appropriately enough features Jon Hendricks, of Lambert Hendricks & Ross fame. It's kinda downhill from there -- there's a momentary hint of a Joni Mitchell-esque cool, which is too-swiftly engulfed in a wave of overwrought, bombastically clean-sounding pop-jazz froth. She catches her breath, briefly, on the softly acoustic "Chica-Chica Boom-Chic," but then explodes again into slick, unalluringly busy material with the full band wailing away in a multi-tracked frenzy. I like the quiet stuff, but when you get down to it, this disc just ain't quiet enough.

Tutty Moreno and pianist Haroldo Mauro anchor this in Brazilian-ness; unfortunately, Mauro's sugary piano riffs are a weak point.