Digital K7 is heaven for the Classical Music audiophile.

We praise technical high quality using lossless ALAC or hi-fi AAC files that include MusicBrainz tags with complete and canonical information about composers, performers, work IDs and cover art. We try hard to avoid MP3 — an old technology that is incompatible with audiophiles. We also praise work completeness, historical recordings, coherent catalog and organization for large compilations and releases. As much as we can, we also provide useful comments and references to other recordings you should be interested in.

You can see and hear the result — just as some examples — on Mozart's, Beethoven's and Bach's complete works in what was once released as hundreds of CDs.

But also do not miss jewels from Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Philip Glass, Mussorgsky, Vivaldi and other masters.

Or easy-listening compilations as Classical Anthems, Top 100 Masterpieces of Classical Music or adagios and relaxing compilations (click link and scroll to see highlights).

Enjoy !