This is a 170-disc release by Brilliant Classics containing all Mozart works. Available here in Digital K7 in glorious lossless ALAC format.

The collection is organized in 9 parts:

  1. Symphonies (11 discs)

  2. Concertos, including Piano Concertos (18 discs)

  3. Serenades / Divertimenti / Dances (23 discs)

  4. Chamber Music / Violin Sonatas / Church Sonatas (16 discs)

  5. String Ensembles (13 discs)

  6. Keyboard works (15 discs)

  7. Sacred Works, including the Requiem (21 discs)

  8. Concert Arias / Songs / Canons (9 discs)

  9. Operas (44 discs)

Credits for conductors, orchestras, solo musicians and general artists for all recordings can be seen on browseable or integrated booklet, or in the collection's MusicBrainz entry.

In addition to the original digital booklet, this compilation was complemented with Mozart's complete sheet music in PDF.

Total folder size is 48GB.