Most of this set is solo banjo. Bela performs plenty of open improvisation along with, or based on, various compositions of his own and others. There are a few I couldn't name, but I've indicated which tunes show up in each track. Also, tracks 1-6 are played as a continuous performance. Tracks 7 and 8 include David Grisman (mandolin). He enters at 5:21 of track 7 (during Home Sweet Home), and then he and Bela perform the long improvisation that makes up the entirety of track 8. This improvisation actually begins at 8:28 of track 7. One of these days I might retrack this great set, but until then, here is
how things stand:

(note by Dave Royko)

March 31, 2001
Lacy Arena, Crested Butte, CO

DFC AKG 480/c61 ➡ Oade M148 ➡ Sony SBM-1 ➡ DAT ➡ CDR ➡ EAC ➡ SHN EAC/SHN and uploaded to by Darrin (
Thanks to Zach A for the source disks!