2007 special 2 CD edition of Rae's hugely successful debut album including a bonus CD that contains an additional 9 bonus tracks featuring b-sides, rarities and remixes. Two of the tracks are not on the US version, I Won't Let You Lie To Yourself and No Love Child. This also features different artwork.

This is the eponymously-titled debut album from British blues-soul sensation, Corinne Bailey Rae. Inspired by artists such as Billie Holiday and Jill Scott, this is a recording that displays a patchwork of influences, all held together wonderfully by Rae's unique vocal stylings. Includes the singles Like A Star and Put Your Records On It becomes self-evident the moment you hear her sing the very first note on the first track Like A Star, that it showcases a slice of sublime Billie Holiday blues delivered with a voice that pins you, in the softest but most persuasive of ways, to the wall; a voice that floats up effortlessly, full of caress, subtlety and the very purest quality.